Sometimes I can’t find the spark inside myself. In those moments, the answer isn’t to cave in to hopelessness borne of shortsightedness. It’s to seek the flames others have lit, and oh! They’ve lit some soul-warming ones.

As a child, I found hope by reading. Two decades into adulthood, it’s a joy to be Returning By Book … to hope.

— from my May 2017 intro post on this blog

I earnestly returned to reading in August 2016; I ended up reading 30 books that year. In 2017, I read 132 books in spaces between actively working, commuting, and tending to my family.

In 2018, I hope to spend a little less time reading. While books are lovely, there are also many lovely things in the world outside them! This year, I’ll be striving for something a little more like balance.

Books read since returning by book:

If you want to discuss any books you see listed, pretty please comment here! I’d love to chat.