Silver Star strikes again

In my July 2011 post “Dead Moms Can’t Care,” I wrote:

The costs of providing health care to those who can’t afford it themselves may not be miniscule. But the costs of not providing it? Those are even worse. Those costs include children left to literally live out their childhood in boxes. I tutored those children my final year of law school. They include the children left to foster care, which is sadly often more full of villains than heroes. They include two grown daughters holding their mom tight as she breathes her pained last breaths at 52–in part because she rightfully feared the consequences of the cost of health care–and the grandchildren who will never feel her love firsthand as a result.

My just-younger sister Rachael was one of the two grown daughters in the last sentence. She handled getting our mom onto low-income government insurance, taking Mom to appointments, and battling errant bills such as the one that inspired my 9/14/09 tweet here.

Two years ago, I wrote this about how Rache lifted Mom into the light:

While I cared for my baby, Rache paid bills, handled dozens of administrative and medical calls, and took care of most Mom’s physical needs. She had to work in addition to this all, but stayed fully present with Mom every moment she was there. She made it look easy, though the burden she carried was heavy.

Rache was the pillar bearing the practical weights of Mom’s care. My other siblings and I helped prop her up.


Rache’s legal background helped her surmount obstacles I don’t think most people could have navigated successfully. I always hoped she’d write a guest post follow-up to “Dead Moms Can’t Care,” in which she’d describe how she surmounted obstacles so others without her legal background might follow suit. That hasn’t happened yet, but it might no longer be necessary …

This morning, I read the short book she wrote for publisher Progressive Uplift, The Ultimate Guide to Surviving President Trump: Healthcare: Life After Obamacare. I was so damn glad to read the book, to see Rache sharing her healing mix of compassion and practical insights … the latter adjusted to the madness of a country whose pharmaceutical and insurance industries no longer even pretend (more than nominally) that they’re in it to keep people healthy alive.*

If you’re looking for a shorter read, you can see glimmers of my beloved Silver Star here: “The Single-Payer Problem that Doesn’t Exist.”

That’s my sister, ladies and gents–Silver Star, standing tall for life.

* For more on this, see articles like this July L.A. Times one: “The U.S. spends more on healthcare than any other country — but not with better health outcomes” and books like Bad Pharma.


Author: Deborah the Closet Monster

Grew up dirt poor, found myself a comfy bubble, and forgot poverty. Now trying to forget bubbles and end poverty.

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